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Life Imitates Life

For those of you looking how to bezel set a cabochon, this post has nothing to do with jewelry but more life in general. Please stop back to read some of my upcoming posts and I assure you there will be tips and pointers galore.

On Monday I was dumped from my job. It really had nothing to do with me.

Today I got dumped by Baldwin, my horse. He was a little wound up because they were doing some work on our road. Tacking him up and he was hyper. I got up on him and rode him up the hill and tried to do some 10 meter circles with him in a trot. There were a few little crow-hops here and there but nothing really. In the back of my mind I kind of thought I should lunge him but he had been doing so well just getting up and going lately. Well, I rounded the corner and 1 buck, 2 buck and then he had his head–and 3 buck. On my butt, holding the reins, I got up, dusted some of the dirt off and marched him down the hill. Called to Alan to babysit me while I lunged the tar out of him (like I should have done in the first place) and got up on him while Alan held him and walked him around the arena. I got off, ran my stirrups up, thanked Alan, marched him back down the hill (considerably more tired–both of us) and untacked him.

Lessons learned so far this week? Listen to your gut, do what you know you should do and if you do get dumped–get to a point you know is right, get back up and continue on.